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Get connected, get paid, finish your project - edge computing as a key success indicator of your IoT projects

Paweł Fiderek and Rafał Warzycha

Someone says that edge computing is the new cloud. You can agree or not, nevertheless the reality is that by the end of 2025 more than 70 billion devices will be connected to the various cloud environments. There are multiple areas where cloud is considered only as a backup for onprem data, sync mechanism between different sites or place where heavy computing happens, but most of the work takes place before data are pushed to the cloud - local storage, predefined KPIs calculation, telemetry stream analytics, live events and alarms management and the sexiest task of all - connect the devices which were not originally designed to talk with the cloud (no cloud native protocols implemented or no computing power that allows to connect to any modern system). During the workshops each participant will build own simplified cloud infrastructure based on lambda architecture, then focus on connecting real and virtualized devices directly to the cloud or using the edge - after this part we will focus on the main target of the workshops - we will learn IoT Hub Edge architecture based on containers and go through different use cases:

-Live data analytics;

-Alarms management

-KPIs calculation and push data to the cloud

Azure DevOps YAML pipelines, AKS and .NET Core

Maciej Misztal

Azure DevOps is constantly changing. It's time to sit down and reflect on how the on-going change is affecting CI/CD for .NET Core & AKS.
During this workshop we will:

- Use YAML pipelines to deploy and configure our AKS clusters using:

- ARM templates to model the cluster infrastructure

- HELM 3 to deploy the nginx ingress

- HELM 3 to deploy Cert Manager and configure it to use with Let's Encrypt

- Kubed to ensure that Let's encrypt TLS certificates are replicated to namespaces containing services

- Use YAML pipelines to build and deploy services

- Setup PR build pipelines

- Setup build & pipelines

- Discuss strategies for building and containerizing .NET Core services

- Use YAML pipelines to deploy services to Azure DevOps Environments in AKS

Microservice on Azure

Piotr Stapp and Jakub Gutkowski

During this workshop, you will learn how to create and deploy microservices-based on 12th factor principals ( using available Azure resources (e.g. Azure DevOps, Azure Container Instances, AKS, App Services, Azure Monitor and more). On this workshop we will go step by step through all factors, describing each, showing how to apply it on a daily basis, and how Azure can help leverage it.
This workshop is directed to developers that are thinking of going microservices or are working on solution microservice-ish. It will help structure knowledge and provide good practice when developing a new or migrating existing solution to the microservices world.

To jedyna w chwili obecnej opcja aby zakupić ów kurs, a jego cena została specjalnie obniżona dla uczestników naszej konferencji. Standardowa cena kursu będzie o co najmniej 20% wyższa.

O kursie: „Poznaj Kubernetes” to internetowy program rozwoju umiejętności tworzenia aplikacji z wykorzystaniem konteneryzacji oraz technologii Kubernetes. Skierowany do zespołów deweloperskich, DevOps oraz utrzymaniowych. Nauczysz się wykorzystywać Kubernetes do praktycznego tworzenia rozproszonych, skalowalnych aplikacji i produktów odpornych na awarie.

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